Egyptian Cotton

by Beezy The Bruh

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They tell me i done cracked the code
We are now exiting the Matrix
Where the ghetto got streets of gold
Pretty good for niggas who started on the pavement

Thin line between love and hatred
I know you feel the energy's contagious

The rise of a nation
They tried to break us
Thank God we made it

This could be the moment of truth
I pictured this vision way back in my youth
They said we the ones, chosen
The skies are open
Dont lose ya focus

Welcome to the new regime
Black themes and gold schemes
Cash rules everything except dreams
So gone head milk the game, make cream

Maybe i should sell my soul
I Cant seem to shake my demons
Its Godpower in my genes
and these dreams from the seamstress

They can’t take away your pride
The truth’s still deep inside
Oh quickly how we’ve forgotten
Reminding me of the irony
Of Egyptian cotton

I just wanna be free (x2)

Maybe we can change the times
Maybe we can free the slaves
A closed mind can never open eyes
Or break the bonds of the mental chains

The dark days have faded
And since, you've gained
A new sense of freedom

it’s still fight the power
The world is ours
Long live the people

I know they tried to break ya spirits
Don’t worry ‘cause the truth is clearer

Last night, I met the Goddess
Who could speak my language
And our features mirrored

The body is the temple
Taught me how to read the codes
I could feel her in my soul
Took me to a place that I used to know

I can hear her in my conscious
This the rise of the down and trodden

Oh, quickly how we’ve forgotten
Reminding me of the irony
Of Egyptian cotton

I just wanna be free (x2)


released March 1, 2016
prod. by Ado The God x Big Cat



all rights reserved


Beezy The Bruh Saint Louis, Missouri

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